How we learn

We found the internet to be full of information about how we learn language at an early age, and be it one or more the process is the same.


Mining through the websites and articles can be a lengthly process so we wanted to put together a simple resource that answered our questions and we hope is helpful for you too.

Ayelet, our resident speech and language therapist (, talks us through the simple science behind early language learning in the film above. You can also read more from her in our learning guide, ideas and resources sections.


Through our work with language learning professionals, we have put together a few simple guidelines and ideas for getting the best from our products. These can be found in our learning guide which will soon be available in a free pdf download. This guide also explains more about how we learn language and why some things may be more helpful and enjoyable than others.


We have also compiled some online resources and links to sites we hope are also useful for you. These range from general creative play ideas through to resources and forums specifically for families supporting bilingual children. Our ideas section will feature weekly posts and videos from our network of parents and practitioners on topics based around creative language learning.